Importance of physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in an individual’s life

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a division of health care that helps an individual to improve their body conditions by building their strength, flexibility and body balance and increase their stamina. Physiotherapy-rehabilitation treated many medical conditions that include injuries, fractures, illness, and certain medical conditions by the use of specifically designed therapies and exercises. Jayam home healthcare in Chennai is providing world-class facilities of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Tamil Nadu.

What is physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy-rehabilitation is a treatment process that develops, maintain, and restore the fullest functional capability of a person. Physiotherapy-rehabilitation helps a person to reestablish the normal functioning of the body and circumvent the possibility of any kind of accident, injury, disease or trauma in future.

What kind of medical conditions can be treated by physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy And rehabilitation is used to treat various medical conditions, such as
  • Acute sport injuries
  • Neurological conditions such as Strains and sprains
  • Shoulder dislocation or muscle or ligament tearing
  • Head, foot, ankle injuries
  • Cardiac-pulmonary conditions
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Injuries associated with physical activities or sports
  • Certain pediatric conditions such as cerebral palsy

What activities are performed during physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy-rehabilitation is a combination of various functional activities, training, therapies and specifically designed exercises. Exercises help a person to regain the body functionality and improve the body condition that is affected by any kind of injury or disease. Physiotherapy-rehabilitation is a practice to mobilize, manipulate and give massage to the body parts and tissues.

What is the advantage of performing physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy-rehabilitation is a non-surgical process and provides an effective pain management. It improves a person mobility and movement capability and recovers patients from any kind of trauma, paralysis, injury, or stroke. Physiotherapy-rehabilitation can effectively manage age-related medical conditions. Physiotherapy-rehabilitation also helps to avoid re-occurrence of any health-related problem.

Jayam home healthcare is one of the excellent Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in Chennai. The clinic has qualified and trained physiotherapist to provide best treatment facility to their patients.

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